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New trailer for Horizon Forbidden West lets us see a giant snake and new deadly machines

New trailer for Horizon: Forbidden West, allows us to meet the new and lethal machines that we will soon face.

Horizon: Forbidden West is probably, together with God of War: Ragnarok, one of the games that the community is most waiting for this 2022. So today, Guerrilla Games has shared a new trailer where we can learn a little more about background to the new and lethal machines that Aloy will face in February.

According to Blog official found on the PlayStation page. Narrative Director Ben McCaw tells us the following:

“Some (species) safeguard the natural order, while others are only designed to kill. And what is worse: the power to control them ended up in the wrong hands…”

Without further ado, we share the new trailer for Horizon: Forbidden West for you to enjoy.

In the Forbidden West, awesome machines rule the lands. These technologically advanced robots have become the dominant species on Earth and pose a serious threat throughout Aloy's mission.

Remember that Horizon: Forbidden West will be available on February 18 for PS4 as well as PS5, best of all, the graphic improvement will have no extra cost.

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