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Warner would be doing his version of Smash with Shaggy, Batman, Gandalf and more

Warner Bros. would be bringing together several of its characters in a new game in the style of Smash Bros.

A new rumor claims that a fighting game in the style of Super Smash Bros. , but which would use different Warner Bros.

This rumor came up on the subreddit r/GamingLeaksAndRumours , where an anonymous person claims to have information about a new NetherRealm game, which would be a fighting game that would bring together different characters from Warner Bros.

The user guarantees that said game is based on smash bros and that would have the name " Multiversus ". In addition, he also confirmed that the following characters will appear in the title:

  • Shaggy ( Scooby-Doo )
  • Gandalf (The Lord of the Rings)
  • Tom and Jerry
  • Batman
  • Fred Flintstone
  • Mad Max
  • Johnny Bravo
  • Harry Potter and Ron

According to the leaker, this game originated after the wave of memes based on Shaggy Ultra Instinct. Finally after several talks, Warner Bros preferred to put Shaggy in a different game and not in Mortal Kombat since it would not fit with the tone of the game.

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This rumor took a little more force yesterday, because the well-known journalist, Jeff Grubb , confirmed that this leak is real, but assured that it is not a NetherRealm game.

For now we do not have more information, but as always we remind you that this is a rumor and that Warner Bros. has not yet confirmed it. Therefore, we recommend you take it for what it is and wait for the official announcement to arrive in the coming months.

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