Comienza octubre, ya podemos oler día de muertos, halloween ¿Qué tan conocido es el día de muertos en los videojuegos?

October begins, we can already smell Day of the Dead, Halloween. How well known is the Day of the Dead in video games?

How well known is the Day of the Dead in video games? We tell you how the festival has appeared in recent years.

Until a few years ago, there were few who knew anything about the Day of the Dead festival, outside of Mexico, and most were limited to knowing one or another action that is usually carried out during the festivities and almost nothing about their origin.

Fortunately, for us, some production companies soon became more and more interested in the peculiar celebration to honor the dead, to the extent that, today, we can see various representations of Day of the Dead in various media. Media, among which are video games, which have given us some of the most original and daring representations that we have seen, regarding the holiday.

Are you ready to see some of the most original representations we can find about Day of the Dead? Settle in and let's learn more about them and, at the same time, let's have fun with those titles.

League of Legends

And we start the list with one of the most famous games on the Internet. Hosting millions of users within its servers, League of Legends has become one of the most popular games due to its diverse fighting styles and the incredible number of characters and unlockables it handles.

For this reason, when the Latin American League of Legends server was inaugurated, Riot Games decided that it would commemorate the event with a special appearance for one of its most beloved characters: Morgana.

Those who know the history of Mexico know that Day of the Dead is not only a celebration where the deceased are honored, but it is also the perfect time to tell legends and stories that have accompanied the country since pre-Hispanic and colonial times. Among these stories, one of the most famous is the one that tells us about a woman who ended the lives of her children because of betrayal. A specter that comes down at night, screaming for its little ones, La llorona.

With the specter in mind, Riot not only brought her to life in their game in the form of a skin, but also gave her a more updated, terrifying face, so Morgana La Llorona users can scare and surprise their opponents with so scary skin.

And you, do you already have it?

Super Mario Odyssey


Although there were some complaints and comments from users about a certain level of this game, the curious thing about this whole thing is that none of those came from the Mexican community. In fact, when Super Mario Odyssey players from Mexico accessed the Tostarena level, they were surprised and praised the details perceived in that area of ​​the game. Because? Why it seemed as if Mario would be found in the middle of the Day of the Dead, in a town in the north of the country.

With its setting full of warm colors, designs of typical houses with gas tanks included, townspeople in the shape of sugar skulls and even a new outfit for the plumber, which consisted of a colorful zarape and its matching hat, the level of Tostarena is an excellent representative of Mexican culture and how joyful the holiday can be, even when it comes to honoring the memory of the dead.




We go from Nintendo to Blizzard, and this time it is time to move to Overwatch, a title where the company has made present the diversity among the characters, to the extent that we can see one of them perfectly representing Mexican culture outside the country. Basically, the vision that some Mexicans born in the United States have of the celebration.

Within the game, the participation of Sombra stands out, a Mexican who ultimately does not fall into classic stereotypes, and who we see in her time when she belonged to a criminal organization in Mexico that has one of its bases in El Dorado. The dead.

These characters are distinguished by the fluorescent paint they wear on their face and body, which takes the shape of bones and skeletons, as if the people in Los Muertos were some kind of children of Catrina. As if that were not enough, during the game we can also see Sombra speaking with a very peculiar accent and mentioning some details of his past life, within the organization, which suggests that the group took these elements to distinguish itself from other organizations, but without leaving aside its roots.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider


For years now, the Tomb Raider franchise has been achieving a considerable amount of success. From the original series to remakes and reboots, the adventures of our heroine, Lara Croft, have become more and more entertaining, as well as including places that we previously only dreamed of seeing in video games. Proof of this is precisely what happens right at the beginning of the “Shadow of the Tomb Raider” installment, when we see our tomb raider wandering through a town in full celebration of November 2nd.

Lara walks through the streets of a clearly Mexican town, while hiding her face behind a skull mask. The most curious thing about all this is that it was confirmed that the town in question is none other than Cozumel, a very well-known tourist settlement visited by nationals and foreigners, and which has some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

It seems that the designers and programmers of Eidos Montréal did their job well, since, for a few moments, it gives you the impression that you are on the site, enjoying the Day of the Dead festivities, while people dance, throw rockets and drink, while remembering those who are no longer with them.

Now that's a good way to start a video game.

Mortal Kombat 1

Finally, and commemorating the Day of the Dead, Warner Bros. Games decided to launch a special skin that will only be exclusive at no additional cost for the territories of Mexico and Latin America. This personification is of none other than one of the game's favorites: Sub-Zero, and in it we can see the fearsome fighter with an appearance that is more than identifiable for several of us.

Can you imagine the ice warrior wearing a charro suit with Mexican and Japanese motifs, a hat, and face paint that makes him look like a catrín? Well, the skin is now a reality, and those who pre-ordered the game before September 18 will have the opportunity to play with that Sub-Zero skin as soon as the game arrives.

Of course, the rest of the countries outside the territory will be able to get the skin, but it will take a little longer to reach their consoles. Anyway, players in Mexico and LATAM will soon be able to enjoy this incredible release.

And that's it for today's entry on representations of Day of the Dead in video games. If you know other representations and want us to talk about them, don't forget to leave your prospects in the comments.

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