Día mundial del Gamer 🕹️👊

World Gamer Day 🕹️👊

Happy World Gamer Day! Why did the celebration arise and how will you celebrate it?

Now, speaking as friends, we love video games, right? We are excited to compete with our friends, while we play new games or old video games that always bring back good memories. It feels great to win a game, and even better if we get one or two achievements we've been chasing.

Adrenaline is contagious, and if we add to that the fact that nowadays we can play with anyone, regardless of where in the world they are connecting from, then we can say that this is one of the best times to be a gamer. It isn't true? And for the same reason, we also deserved to live our moment.

Keeping in mind the thousands who have already joined this lifestyle, and without leaving aside those who are beginning to discover this entertaining way of having fun, some entertainment companies agreed and named August 29 as the day gamer world. Yeah! We already have our celebration date and one more reason to meet with our friends this coming 29th, but do you know the exact story behind the celebration? Or, better yet, would you like to discover how else you can have fun that day?

Let's learn a little more about World Gamer Day, and along the way, it left you some recommendations and one or another promotion that you can't miss.

Are you ready? Go for it.


Where did World Gamer Day come from?


As I told you at the beginning, many yesterdays ago, when mothers sent us for milk and we spent money on slot machines, video games were considered just entertainment. Nobody took the activity too seriously and, in fact, we were judged a lot for “wasting time in front of the TV screen.” The good thing is that as time went on, people not only started to get more and more interested in gaming, but they also discovered that the activity not only attracted other people, but that you could also make some money from it.

Of course, the pioneers in this whole thing won't let us lie. The first years were complicated and the profits received were minuscule, compared to what any streamer achieves today. Fortunately, for us, legends like El Rubius, Pewdiepie and other gamers did not give up, and so 2008 arrived. The year that decided everything.

It was the middle of that year, when the magazines PC Manía, PlayManía and Hobby Consolas realized that the community was growing at an impressive speed and, therefore, they came up with THE idea: Why not implement a commemorative day for the gamers?

The rest, as they say, is history.

More than 13 years have passed since World Gamer Day was founded, and as you can see, we continue to celebrate August 29 in style, with increasingly realistic graphics and adventures that would blow the minds of the first console manufacturers. .


As you can see, the day did not arise by chance, nor is it a coincidence that we are about to experience another hilarious gamer's day. However, then there is no shortage of those who do not know what to do to celebrate the day. If you are like several of those players, then how about checking out the celebration options we have for you?


Go to a gamer cafe


As a first suggestion, I ask you, have you ever visited one of these sites? Did you know that there are cafes where you can stay two, three or even four hours having fun with the place's consoles? These sites not only exist in Mexico City, but you can already find more and more options in other states of the republic, so why not give them a chance on this gamer's day?

You can find everything from the newest consoles and recent video game releases, to equipment from years ago along with their cartridges. The best of all? These still work perfectly well and you can use them to challenge your companions, while they order snacks or drinks.


Get together with your friends/family to play


And speaking of companions to play with, have you considered organizing an afternoon of games and challenges with those gamer friends? Even if you don't have many comrades to share that day with, you can have just as much fun inviting some cousins, siblings, or even your parents, to compete for victory in one or more games.

Would you like to up the ante to the next level? Why don't you all organize together to buy some prizes that will be given to the best players. That will undoubtedly raise the spirits of the attendees and help everyone strive to achieve victory.


Take advantage of discounts on video games


Oh yeah. Of course, stores and department stores will take advantage of these dates to launch some promotions and discounts on video games, toys inspired by characters, consoles, controls and other accessories, necessary to experience an afternoon of top-notch entertainment. Also, if you take into account that more and more people enjoy being gamers, what do you think these establishments are going to do to sell more items? You guess?

They are going to start the celebration ahead of schedule! Surely, there are already one or another store that has begun to promote their products these days, so my suggestion is that you start investigating the promotions, the discounts, and build your budget, to see if you can finally buy that title you have. so much desire to play.


Renew your gaming equipment


Last option, but not least. Do you want to set up your room in a gamer style, but you were waiting for a special date to see if you could get better prices? Well, you won't have to wait any longer. In fact, on our networks we will be announcing the discounts and offers that we will be managing in the online store.

Don't miss the opportunity and buy that gaming chair you've been longing for, or better yet, why don't you get all the equipment, including the mousepad, jersey and cap personalized with your name? Do you prefer to purchase official merchandise from your favorite gamer influencer? Check our catalog. He or she may already be part of the Streamerch family.


And that's it for today's entry. You already know what's up with World Gamer Day, and I also gave you some tips to celebrate the date in style. Now is your turn.

Tell me, what are the plans for next August 29?

Keep tuning into the blog for more video game news.

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