La velada del año 3 de Ibai Llanos: Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre el evento más esperado de la temporada.

The evening of year 3 of Ibai Llanos: Everything you need to know about the most anticipated event of the season.

Well yes, people, although many of us heard the rumors that had been emerging for months about the evening of the year, and we thought that the event organized by the streamer Ibai Llanos would not happen like in years past, a few days ago the news came out about that the organizer has finally finished planning what he promised, it will be one of the best events that await us in the year. Or at least, that's what Ibai and company hope to achieve.

Why did it take so long for the streamer to confirm the evening of the year? In case you didn't know, a few months ago it had become known that Ibai had been going through certain economic difficulties, which had been slowing down his actions regarding the event and other projects that he had already announced for a while. time. Of course, he had to wait before being able to confirm any information, but now that we have received the green light, for his part, it is time to delve into The Evening of the Year.

What awaits us in this, the most anticipated event of the season? Who will be the streamers that will enter into combat during it? At what time can we see it and where? You can find all those answers and more in this entry.

If you are ready to experience what promises to be a new musical and entertainment experience, then welcome to The Evening of the Year.

Time and Place of the evening

We started strong, with some of the data that everyone was waiting for. During the announcement that Ibai made about The Evening of the Year edition number 3, he revealed that the July 1 event would be held at the Civitas Metropolitano stadium. For those who are not from Spain, this space is the one occupied by Atlético de Madrid during their home games. With a capacity of 60,000 attendees, the venue has more than enough space to accommodate a considerable number of people without problems, but if you are looking for tickets to attend the event live, I'm afraid to tell you that tickets are already sold out.

Yes, after Ibai's announcement a few days ago, gaming fans rushed to purchase their tickets and the last tickets went out on the 25th of this month. As for the price that had been charged to buy tickets, these ranged between 30 and up to 500 euros per person. 500! And we are talking about VIP passes. It seems that many were excited to attend this edition of The Evening.

Of course, not all those interested were willing to go to Spain to live the experience. If you are one of those who want to watch the online broadcast, we inform you that the event will last six hours and will begin at 6:00 p.m. To end at 11:30 p.m., Madrid time, and will be broadcast on the official Twitch channel of Ibai Llanos, with the special collaboration of David Broncano as a guest commentator.

Fights of The Evening

What was promised did not become a debt. Ibai told them that for the next evening there would be more than 3 fights between his guests, and for this occasion the bet was doubled. Of course, many were excited that the streamer was bringing more gamers to the event, but most were waiting for the names to see if they would dare to buy tickets or set aside hours of time to watch the broadcast.

Were we disappointed with the lineup? Not at all. In fact, many of us are excited to see several of the meetings that will take place throughout the afternoon – night.

Although Viruzz had to withdraw from his participation due to an eye injury, Ibai found a very good replacement at the last minute and the fights are still on.

In order of meeting, these will be the figures that will face each other:

Ampeter vs Abraham Mateo: Inaugural confrontation of the Evening of the Year edition III.

Riversgg vs Marina Rivers: First meeting between women. The Mexican streamer faces the Spanish TikToker. Will it finally be decided who can use the name in the future? By the way, it should be noted that in this match the Spanish woman has an advantage of 7 kilos over the Mexican, so we will see what will be done to level out those weight differences.

Luzu vs Fernanfloo: The third fight announced for the night, and many of us are waiting for this meeting between the Youtuber defeated by Lolito last year, and one of the gaming legends in the Spanish-speaking community. Will Luzu take advantage of this second chance, or will Fernanfloo be the winner? Be careful with this meeting, because Fernan is clearly taller than Luzu, but the latter has a few extra kilos.

Shelao vs Misho Amoli: Fourth match of the event, and after the departure of Viruzz, Ibai not only found someone to replace him, but it was announced that the new challenger would be Misho Amoli. We'll see how this pair goes.

Amouranth vs Mayichi: Fifth match of the night.

*Breaking notice: Amouranth announced that he will not be able to participate in the match due to a medical issue that requires his attention. Ibai is looking for a replacement for the American streamer, so that this meeting can take place.

Coscu vs Germán Garmendia: Sixth matchup of the evening, and the most anticipated match. Legend against Legend and, from what is known, the Latin American protagonists of the last fight are ready to give their all that night.

Now that you know the lineup put together by Ibai, we ask you, have you already convinced yourself to watch the evening?

Concerts at The Evening

As we told you, The Evening of the Year is not only boxing matches between entertainment celebrities. Ibai also seeks to provide a new musical experience before, during and after the confrontations, and to do so it will have a group of artists, among which the participation of Ozuna stands out. For a few months there was a rumor that Rosalia and Rauw Alejandro would be among the singers, but at the moment nothing has been confirmed.

Don't worry, because knowing Ibai, he could give us a last-minute surprise.

As for the artists who are confirmed, we will see:

  • Ozuna
  • Feid
  • Maria Becerra
  • Tow
  • Rosario Flowers
  • Quevedo

 As you can see, everything is ready for next Saturday, July 1, we can enjoy a meeting like we have rarely seen, between gamers, singers, content creators and entertainment legends.

Are you ready to live this evening? Be sure to visit the page, because we will be updating the information as new Ibai Llanos announcements are made.

Keep tuning in.

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