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Twitch, the successful streaming platform and what you need to monetize on it.

Twitch or the purple platform as some know it has grown exponentially in recent years, giving some context its beginnings date back to June 2007 when its creators (at that time Justin.Tv) decided to create a platform for broadcast a kind of reality show about his life, years later they decide to focus their efforts on this new idea, the main vision being E-Sports, later in 2014 it is acquired by Amazon for nothing more than $970 million dollars.

Today Twitch has more than 140 million active users per month, more than 30 million visits per day and the average user view is 95 minutes per day, we can no longer only find video game content, it is also a space to broadcast music tutorials, recording sessions, drawing techniques, cooking recipes,

There are even things as curious as live broadcasts of people sleeping, can you believe it? This made people totally unrelated to the gamer world approach this platform because there is a whole range of possibilities and content.

During the pandemic, many people were forced to stay at home and this caused a surge in video game streaming as many people saw it as a viable option to occupy their time, even already established footballers, politicians or youtubers, which leads us to the next question: Can you make money streaming? The answer is: Yes, is it complicated? a bit but let's see how to start:

Starting on Twitch

First of all, and as on any platform, you must register and create an account, it is quick and easy and you can do it from the web portal or in the app (If you have Amazon Prime you will receive some extra benefits such as free games per month among other things with the extension "Prime Gaming").

You will have to complete your entire profile in the control panel, here you will find the settings for the titles of your streams, the descriptions, language, your profile photo and many more necessary tools for managing your channel that we will see later.

Affiliate and Partner Programs

To belong to this program (and start monetizing in the future) you must accumulate 500 minutes of transmission in the last 30 days with an average of at least 3 viewers and be careful, this must be on 7 different days.

Subsequently, another level is higher than the affiliation level and that is to become a Twitch Partner or Partner.

To achieve this, you must stream nothing more and nothing less than a minimum of 25 hours during the month, on 12 different days and with an average of 75 viewers in your streams. What's up?

We know it doesn't sound so easy but we believe that by doing things right and making an effort you can be among the best content creators, no streamer woke up overnight with thousands of subscribers, everything is little by little, don't despair and especially everything don't give up!

In future installments of this Blog we will be taking a look at all the technical requirements you need to transmit in the best way.

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